Take My Wine…Please

June 21, 2012

Joe Roberts of 1winedude.com fame recently posted a video manifesto of sorts about how wine bloggers should behave when asking for samples from wineries.  It was commonsensical and appropriate: Observe the golden rule.

More important, from my perspective, was Joe’s statement, and I’m paraphrasing: as a community, wine bloggers are gaining more and more influence; if an individual blogger understands that she is part of a larger movement that behaves professionally, the community’s (read: the individual blogger’s) ability to gain access through samples, invitations to events, etc. will be enhanced. Couldn’t agree more.

But what this post really is…is an invitation to serious bloggers, videographers, and writers to request samples from me. I want you to taste my wines…and write/talk about them too, of course. Now, I know some will immediately remark on how self-serving this is…and I happily, enthusiastically, and with alacrity…admit it!

There are thousands of brands out there. The vast majority of which serve the very important purpose of making everyday wine that is affordable and drinkable.

My mission is different. I make wine from the Livermore Valley, an appellation that is blessed with the viticultural chops to make world-class wine. My flagship wine is called Lineage. Lineage is my family’s past; my future, and my only vinous weapon against Time’s implacable obligation to erase.  If Lineage becomes one of the handful of iconic wines every serious wine lover must have, then I have done my job. I’m devoting a career to trying to make it happen.

What’s important to remember is that the level Lineage attains isn’t up to me. It’s up to you. Ultimately, the quality of a wine will win out…but the wine first needs the context that only the press and restaurateurs and wine shops can give it.

So, there you go. I’m willing to lay myself out on the line, willing to take the responses as they come.

My preference is to sit down with you at my Winery to provide the context for Lineage and the other wines you taste. If you can’t make it to the Livermore Valley but are serious, and have been communicating about wine, I’ll share with you.

Just comment with your blog url and address, and I’ll get wine to you (while sample supplies last).

7 Responses to “Take My Wine…Please”

  1. Nice Post Steven! I still remember my first visit to La Rachelle. Your Pinot’s got me started blogging. It was probably a year after that that I visited Steven Kent Winery to try your Cabs and other reds.

    John Krause – http://www.california-wine-trails.com

  2. I have never requested a sample and do not have anything on my site displaying an interest however i do a handful of reviews. Your common-sense and plain dealing approach intrigue me more than anything. For me wine is more about a story because great wines poured by unfriendly winemakers does not make it to my home or parties. Fun/interesting stories,people, and wines are just as fun discussed than consumed.

    I am more interested to hear about the story of your wines and the wines themselves. Please take a peak at my site and if you would be interested to share.

    • Shawn:

      Thanks for the comment, and great website. Lots of great comment and interactivity.

      Please accept this as an invitation to come out and visit us in the Livermore Valley. Too much of an undiscovered gem, there is a lot of really nice wine…and nice people…in the Valley.

      Please send me your mailing address, and I’ll get a bottle of Lineage to you. I look forward to your reaction.



      • Steven:

        Thanks so much for your kind words and invitation. Livermore is on my list of CA spots for sure. I want to learn more about the area and the wines. Very much looking forward to trying your wine.

        Much appreciation!

  3. Hi Steven:
    Thanks so much again! One request, would you do me a personal favor and delete my published address in the response?
    Thank you!

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