Teach Your Children Well

May 28, 2012

Wine is a potent liquor, and the least reason is for its alcohol content.

Wine recalls histories both personal and societal; it lubricates the engine of discourse and oils the gears of intercourse – verbal and otherwise. Wine puts a pin in the most cherished memories and is the symbol of success and celebration.

Wine is almost always a forward-looking indicator. When you buy wines from the birth vintage of your children, it is with the intention of celebrating – with them – when they come of age. In the responsible house, though, the lessons of wine and what make it potent and great should come early and often.

My only son has just turned 21 and has just now begun to express a desire to know more about wine. He has tasted in the past, but wine was not of particular interest to him then. He asked to bring samples home from the winery so that he would be able to convey to our guests what our wines tasted like. I’ve been waiting a long time for this.

As is my custom I started making plans in my mind about how to break a wine down into its constituent parts; what makes it balanced; why this wine is less good than that one, etc. I caught myself though. At its very core, wine is a delicious beverage that makes life better, a little better, anyway. That is the first and most important lesson about wine. And that is a lesson that needs no teaching. Just a little bit of tasting with a kindred soul.

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