Are You an Emotional Taster?

April 15, 2012

Under the heading of “there is no wrong answer,” I realized – while writing notes on about 25 different Cabernet barrels the other day – that I am an emotional taster…or at least an emotional tasting note writer.

Larded among descriptions of tannin and mid-palate structure, fruit intensity and aromatic purity were a ton of words and phrases that related to the quality of those experiences…”gorgeous,” “great,” “meaningful,” and how  those organoleptic-specific sensations made me feel. I may have even cried once or twice..(just kidding!?).

I’m just curious. When you are tasting for the purpose of evaluation, do you cry or not?

4 Responses to “Are You an Emotional Taster?”

  1. I’m totally an emotional taster. I understand fully what you are describing and I have “almost” cried b/4 when tasting a most exceptional wine. It truly is a heartfelt experience! Cheers!

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